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2020 November: A Month to Remember

Certain periods of life are so beautiful that they put a smile on your face when you remember them. And you should remember them. November 2020 is one of those periods for me:

2 exhibitions + funding for postdoctoral research + publication of my PhD dissertation

And I felt surrounded with my friends during all these - that is blissful.

The first exhibition “Mother to Daughter” (in Finnish “Äidiltä Tyttärelle”) comprised 30 works from me and 32 works from my mother, so in total 62 paintings, drawings and prints. A long awaited exhibition at the main city library of Jyväskylä. The works attracted a lot of attention and it was lovely to get comments like

“You brought colour to our grey November” <3

The second exhibition “Corona Time Arts and Crafts” was organized by JYU at Agora Center - the place where I worked and studied for 7 years. A collection of works with like minded people. It was very nice to be part of this exhibition knowing that the students, maybe also my own students, can see my paintings and prints there.

And the big news! I received funding for my post-doctoral research! This is a very good start as a fresh PhD and I am very thankful for Liivesivistysrahasto’s support to my research. I am confident the results will be beneficial to the industry and will provide insights regarding the effects of technology in our life.

The cream of this month was the publication of my PhD dissertation. It is really a different feeling to see a 4-years’ work ready for the world, and actually being able to touch it. I guess you can see the happiness in my face on the left picture. Getting curious about the dissertation? You can reach my it here or from my ResearchGate.

For me the most satisfactory activity is creating: through research I create knowledge, with my pen & brush I create paintings. And sometimes I happen to get rewards :-)

What do you create? :-)


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