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Let's talk about research

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Many outsiders view academic people as living in a different dimension, and mostly in a funny way. This notion has of course truths and myths to it. However, I believe most of it comes from the lack of understanding of the process the researchers go through. It is not that researchers live in a different dimension, but that they see things from a different one. When they see (or more correct word would be “observe” ) things, they analyse them considering their nature. The how and the why, and try to get meaning out of it, in other words knowledge. Asking the right questions and finding the right ways to answer them require creativity and analytical thinking. Carrying out the work and communicating the results need focus.

Getting close to my defense, I have spent the past few months preparing research proposals. Two babies are ready, and I have applied for funding for these projects from foundations such as Liikesivistysrahasto and Kone Foundation.

The first project is regarding contextual use patterns: This is a project I had started a long time ago, but I decided to complete it after my defense. You can reach the research plan here: Research Proposal

The second one is regarding gamified driver monitoring applications; its objective is to investigate the effectiveness of these applications. Here you can reach the detailed research proposal: Research Proposal

Let's see what the funders think about the projects. I am looking forward to completing them and I am happy to discuss them with you for possible collaboration.


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